100+ DIGEST #13

Official updates

Confirmations have been received from delegations from 23 regions and 12 cities of Russia. Among them are seven regional ministers, deputy governors, deputy ministers and heads of cities' departments of construction. Heads of Novokuznetsk, Kurgan and Kopeisk have confirmed that they'll be attending the forum personally.

100+ Interview

Realrich Sjarief, founder of RAW Architecture (Indonesia), professor, author and editor of several architecture-themed books, shared his view on what constitutes the main mission of architecture and on reasons why builders have to go back to their professional roots – wooden buildings, for instance. To read full interview, follow this link.

100+ Business Program

Yekaterinburg's leading developers plan to hold thematic sessions at 100+.

October 20

UMMC will host a meeting dedicated to modern church-building.

Sinara Development will talk about Universiade-2023: its drivers, infrastructural challenges and heritage.

ASTON will showcase their rebranding and new projects in growing and promising areas of Yekaterinburg. 

Brusnika will speak about integrated renovation of urban territories, its promises and challenges.

SC KORTROS will exhibit large-scale investment projects of housing construction. 

October 21

Forum Group will hold a session titled Modern School – a Place for Development.

To see full program, follow this link.

100+ Urban Technology

The KARSIKKO house-building plant will showcase their pre-cut construction methods for quickly erectable housing of up to 3 stories.

NORDFOX company will exhibit an aluminium hinged ventilated facade system for brick tile fixation as well as a steel system for ceramic brick (whole/hollow) fixation.

OOO Vinziliyskiy Zavod Keramzitovogo Graviya will present their technology of claydit mixure priming with a concrete pump as well as high-durability claydite gravel, claydite concrete and claydite concrete blocks with solid soundproofing qualities.

100+ Partner

SC KORTROS will showcase approaches to solving key issues of construction field development. Visitors will be able to view the solutions of one of the leading Russian companies in the construction market, both online and live. Booth visitors will be greeted by Promobot V.4 – a robot hostess.  Leaders of SC KORTROSS will participate in the plenary session.

OOO Stroytekproekt will show applications of VR simulation in the field of on-site actions and safety training, both in industrial and construction sites. The company will also show ways of design processes automation with the help of BIM programming.