100+ DIGEST #12

Official updates

21 regions of Russia will be represented by their official delegations at the event. Among the delegations – six regional ministers of construction, six deputy ministers and governors, heads of city departments of architecture and construction as well as other authority representatives.

100+ Geography

Confirmations have been received from exhibitors from 13 regions and 21 cities of Russia. Among those are Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Chuvashiya Republic, Krasnoyarsk Krai and others. In addition, there will be nine delegations of foreign and international companies from five countries (the USA, Finland, Germany, the Great Britain, Hungary) as well as two independent participants from abroad (Austria, Italy).

100+ Business Program

VIII International Conference Tekhnicheskoe Regulirovanie v Stroitelstve (technical regulations in construction) will be held in Yekaterinburg on October 20. Experts will talk about design, construction and and construction materials production as parts of a single mechanism. They will also discuss practical challenges with the integration of construction regulation by companies involved in design and construction.

On October 20-21, National Alliance of Investigators and Designers will organize a 2-day workshop for experts from self-regulated organizations. On October 22, NAID will also hold a conference on the development of competencies in the field of engineering research and architectural/constructional design.

October 21 will see several NAID workshops: one on price setting in construction and one on providing SROs with loans and overseeing them. In addition, NAID will hold a close-door meeting on October 20.

100+ Forum Russia: Speakers

Dirk Jan Postel, architect and Partner at Kraaijvanger Architects, will speak on how to create positive energy buildings of the future and disrupt boundaries of modern architecture.

100+ Urban Technology: Exhibitors

OOO TD Promyshlennie Pokrytiya will showcase composite and topping materials, materials for decorative surfaces in commercial spaces as well as chemical products for industrial flooring.

AO TISOL will present systems fire-proofing systems, heat and sound insulation for construction works as well as technical insulation.

OOO VEZA will exhibit equipment for ventilation and air conditioning as well as BIM models of fans and valves.

100+ Partner

Brusnika is a Russian real estate developer that builds modern affordable housing in major cities of Urals, Siberia, Moscow and Moscow region. At the forum, speakers from Brusnika will speak about principles for integrated development of territory and social infrastructure. They will also talk about BREEAM standard-compliant eco-construction methods.