100+ DIGEST #11

Digest № 11
October 7–11, 2019

Official updates

Confirmations for 100+ Forum Russia participation have been received from twenty delegations of regional ministries of construction of Russia and fifteen delegations of city administrations. Yekaterinburg will welcome: Alexander Yevstifeyev, head of the Mariy-El Republic; Alexey Kogarlytsky, Deputy Minster of Economic Development of Stavropol; Yuri Teryaev, Director of the Department of Construction and Housing Policy for Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug; Ulfat Mustafin, head of Ufa Administration; Ruslan Kukharuk, Mayor of Tyumen; Andrey Potapov, Mayor of Kurgan.

100+ Forum Russia Business Program

  • Yuliy Borisov – CEO, UNK Project.
    The bureau is a recipient of multiple prestigious awards in the industry, among which are: Archcouncil of Moscow Award, CRE Moscow Awards, Urban Awards, European Property Awards, Best Office Awards etc. Yuliy Borisov was in charge of the creation of the Luzhniki Water Sports Palace and the design of a wrestling arena which will also become a part of the Luzhniki Stadium. What makes the project stand out are glass facades and treadmills on the roof of the building. At 100+ Forum Russia, Yuliy Borisov will give a talk about urban public spaces of the future as part of the session Urban Planning Trends for Cities of the Future.
  • Evgeniy Teslya – CEO, EST Group; Chairman, Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Development Committee RGUD. At the sesson Energy Efficient Technology in Cities of the Future, Evgeniy Teslya will talk about principles of creation of modern, energy efficient, high-quality real estate with great microclimate.
  • Alexander Shakhnovich – Managing Director for Development and Digitalization, "KazNIISA" (Kazakhstan). This research and science center works on improving the input costing method in construction in the Republic of Kazakhstan.  At 100+ Forum Russia, Alexander Shakhnovich will talk about approaches to policy management of informational models at the commission stage.
  • Ayshe Agekyan, Managing director, MEGA-Ekaterinburg, INGKA Centers. Ms. Agekyan will participate in the session called "Green Environment in Cities of the Future. Parks" and will talk about the MEGA Park project which is considered to be an example for new public spaces in Yekaterinburg.

National Association of Builders will hold two sessions at 100+ Forum Russia which are going to discuss matters of reliability and safety in construction as well as matters of development of quality rating systems in construction.   Aside from this, there will be a NOSTROI discussion with Viktor Pryadein– the CEO of the  National Association of Builders– in charge. This discussion is going to be held on the topic of the 2030 construction industry development strategy.

Exposition: 100+ Urban Technology

  • Rostec's radio-electronic complex will exhibit their infrastructural solutions for cities of the future: the surveillance system with computer vision Orwell 2k, a gas contamination detector, the photo and video capturing device Prism. Aside from these, there will also be the Automatic External Defibrillator AND "A15" and LED traffic lights;
  • FORA Group will exhibit their renovation project of a standing housing complex in Yaroslavl. This project helps to avoid demolition of residential buildings and reconstruct them instead as well as add up to three storeys without changing the construction of the original.
  • ASTRA Group together with the Gordeyev-Demidov Architectural Office will showcase their project of overall development of a territory near Metallurgov Street in Yekaterinburg. There will be original architectural, landscape and infrastructural development solutions, among which is an innovative design of a school created by the architectural office Plan B;
  • Ferro-Stroy Company is going to exhibit its design solutions. Their stand is going to be filled with miniature models of parkings and a shutoff group for a long-span building;
  •  Energoprom will exhibit diesel and gas generators, lighting towers of leading European brands;

OOO "Institut Informatsionnogo Modelirovaniya and Architecture" (information modelling and architecture), will exhibit examples of integrated design of buildings created with the use the modern BIM-Building Information Modeling system in Autodesk Revit software.