100+ DIGEST #11

100+ Special Offers

Exhibitors of 100+ prepared discounts and presents for all guests of the exhibition. The following companies already have special offers available:

VIRA (lifting equipment for Russia and CIS: design, manufacturing, installment and launch into exploitation)

AVS-Ural (systems of surveilance, access control, IP-intercoms, fire-protection)

Legion-Proekt (a project institution)

KARELSKIY GABBRO-DIABAZ (mining, manufacturing and wholesale of granite goods)

RengaSoftware (BIM-system for integrated design and construction made in Russia)

KD-Inzhiniring (Russian software for engineering tasks)

MODULBAU (prefabricated sanitaryware modules)

Krancompany (official manufacturer of Zoomlion tower cranes)

BIM-Cluster (a unified center of BIM competencies)

PSS GRAITEK (innovative CAD, BIM and enterprise management technology)

Hydromix (repairs and protection for construction structures)

To see all special offers and apply for yours, please visit the Exhibition tab of the official 100+ website and go to the page of an exhibitor you're interested in.  Offers stay available until October 22.

100+ Urban Technology

MODULBAU will showcase their sanitaryware module – prefabricated sanitary facilities. It is made of modern waterproof materials resistant to temperature changes and supplied with all equipment and accessories needed.

OOO Evroliftmash will present elevator cabins: a standart one (400 kg lifting capacity) and a premium one (630 kg lifting capacity). They will also showcase control stations.

100+ Partner

PRINZIP will occupy two booths. One will host a small garden – a sample of the company's new approach (since 2020) to beautification in their work. The second booth will feature a high-tech project – the PTITSA (Bird) digital platform. All details are going to be revealed during the exhibition.

SC KORTROS is a Russian federal-level developer. The company is known to be an initiator of integrated land development projects. It also has a history of being a pioneer in the field of implementing "smart technology" into the construction field.   The company's input is renowned at the federal level and its inventions lay at the foundation of the Smart City project. 

100+ Contest

100+ TechnoBuild will feature a contest titled Climate Master 2020 for AC systems installation specialists from the Ural federal region on October 20-22. The contest will be held among brigades, each of two specialists, in three age groups. The brigades will show their skills in AC installation, adjustment and dismantling. All tasks are going to be limited in time.

The contest will last for 90 to 120 minutes. 3 to 4 brigades are going to be able to work simultaneously. Winners will get special prizes.