“Ventilation, Heating, Air Conditioning, Heating Systems and Structural Thermal Physics”

Address: Association of HVAC Engineers, P.O.Box 141, Moscow, 127051 Russia
Phone: (495) 621-8048, 621-6429

A full color periodical, circulation 12,000 copies, issued 8 times a year since 1990, is included in the List of Reviewed Research Papers, where the main research results of those seeking Candidate and Doctor scientific degrees are to be published.

Main Topics of the Magazine:

  • Designer aid Practical recommendations on design of engineering systems of buildings;
  • ways to increase energy efficiency of buildings and structures;
  • green buildings;
  • operation of engineering systems related issues: practical solutions;
  • designer typical mistakes: correct and prevent;
  • legal news. New normative documents. Codes of rules, standards;
  • equipment novelties. Working principles, specific issues of mounting and maintenance;
  • automation of engineering systems.