Information portal "Architecture of Sochi"

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Information portal "Architecture of Sochi"

is a unique project in RuNet, telling in a simple and interesting way about the history of architecture of the resort city, the main trends of the formation of his new image and milestones in architectural life.

In addition to the main themes - architecture, design and urbanism - "Architecture of Sochi" online portal focuses on related topics: real estate, construction and environmental technologies.

Target: To create and develop intellectual information resource of Sochi architecture.


  • Presentation of new projects or already implemented ones.
  • Fresh and relevant information on the Sochi architectural life events.
  • Coverage of different opinions and scientific hypotheses that exist in different areas of the given sphere, a platform for discussion.
  • Providing a platform for Internet publications (Scientific and critical articles, monographs). Specificity of the Internet allows to provide long storage of an archive available to visitors.
  • Publication of information about the architectural organisations (institutes, creative workshops) and individual architects.
  • To tell about the history of architecture of Sochi, the people that have had a considerable influence on the formation of the urban environment of the resort city.