Information Agency SECURITYMEDIA Rus

Address: 73, Udaltsova St., Moscow 119454
Phone: 8(495) 797 -35 -96

Information Agency SECURITYMEDIA Rus – privileged information partner

Information Agency SECURITYMEDIA Rus is over 15 years on the market, a largest media operator in the sphere of complex fire safety of the objects in strategic branches of Russian economy, and anti-terrorist protection of the popular cultural and sports sites.

The governmental policy and legislation, analytics, opinions of reputable exerts and leaders of the industry, practical experience, machinery and technologies in media projects:

  • “Transport Security and Technologies”;
  • “Safety of Fuel and Energy Complex Objects”;
  • “Safety of Buildings and Structures”;
  • “Fire Protection”;
  • “Automatic Fire Fighting Equipment”.

Consolidated circulation – 40,000 copies.

Organizer of the largest industry events and conferences on transport security, safety and fire security of the objects of fuel and energy complex.