Territory: 194.3 thousand square kilometers
Population: 4,311,700 people
Date of formation: 17 January 1934

The Sverdlovsk Region is a dynamically developing Russian region, whose economic growth rates exceed the national average. The region, located on the border of Europe and Asia, has a favorable geographical location at the intersection of transcontinental flows of raw materials, goods, financial, labor and information resources. The region is ranked among the top 20 leaders in the national rating of investment attractiveness and ranks among the leaders in terms of industrial production in Russia.

The basic industries of the Sverdlovsk Region are metallurgy, machine building and mining. They account for the largest volume of shipped goods of own production, works and services of the industrial complex.

The Sverdlovsk Region is the third logistics centre in Russia. Koltsovo International Airport is the country's largest renal air port, through which five million passengers operate their flights annually. The Sverdlovsk Railway is one of the first three railways in Russia and performs 60 million tons of transportation per year.

The modern Sverdlovsk Region, having a wide range of historical and natural attractions, can offer its guests to plunge into the history of industrial development in the Urals and get acquainted with the unique crafts and technologies of the latest generation. Only here you can be in Europe and Asia at the same time, look for gemstones and go down for gold, test your courage, rafting along fast rivers or climbing rocks, always leaving behind the opportunity to return to the comfort of modern, cozy and dynamically developing cities.

Every year we hold more than 450 bright events of local and international format and we are always glad to see you among our guests! The following events have been successfully held in the region: SCO and BRICS summits, Russia-EC summit, FIFA World Cup, First World Congress of People with Disabilities and others.