Address: ul. Bolshaya Yakimanka St., 42, bld. 1-2, Moscow, 119049
Phone: +7 (495) 625-95-95, +7 (495) 540-70-96

The Federal Autonomous Institution "Glavgosekspertiza Rossii" (FAU "Glavgosekspertiza Rossii") (Glavgosekspertiza Rossii FAU) is a state institution subordinate to the Ministry of Construction, Housing and Utilities of the Russian Federation.

Russian Glavgosexpertiza is a team of professionals of the construction industry, which implements the highest quality standards of justification of decisions on capital investments, examination of design documentation and results of engineering surveys, checks the reliability of determining the estimated cost of capital construction projects to ensure the safety of citizens, the efficiency of capital investments and infrastructure development in Russia.

Today Glavgosexpertiza Russia is a modern state institution, remaining faithful to the best traditions and open to innovation.