100+ Forum Russia - is an international congress and a professionally oriented exhibition, dedicated to design, construction, financing and operation of high-rise buildings and unique structures for any application.

3 days
business program
number of countries
8 793
business events
Participation in the Forum - is free of charge
Frequency - once a year
Venue - city of Yekaterinburg, Russia
Forum dates - 5-7 October 2021
Main topics of the Business Event Program
Tasks and objectives
Promotion of the RF companies with unique competencies in high-rise construction to the regional markets of the country
Updating and monitoring of implementation of “Road Map for High-rise and Unique Construction Development in the Russian Federation”
Bringing together and enabling communication among high-rise and unique construction professionals and experts. To creating a platform for sharing experiences, setting goals and finding solutions
Accumulation of the world best practices related to high-rise and unique construction at the permanent Information and Competences Centre for High-Rise and Unique Construction
How it was:
Target audience
World leading architects and designers of high-rise and unique structures
Heads of cities, administration officials, chief architects of Russian/foreign municipalities
Investors, developers, engineering and design companies participating in the erection of high-rise and unique structures in Russia and worldwide
Specialists of Russian and foreign dedicated research institutes